Techniques & Tutorials


Clothes Making
– Laying fabric out for cutting
– Cutting fabric out  
– Pattern preparation
– Transferring pattern markings
– Block fusing
– Sink stitch
– Hems
– Rouleau Loops 

– Fabric construction 
– Fabric preparation before using

Fashion Design: Follow my fashion design classes with these posts
– Post 1: Drawing Matchstick Men
– Post 2: Filling out the fashion figure
– Post 3: Technical Drawings
– Post 4 – Templates 

– Simple skirt lengthening 


Seam Finishes
– Post 1
– Post 2 

Skirt pattern making: Follow my pattern making classes with these posts.
– Post 1: Straight Skirt Pattern. Drawing a straight skirt block.
– Post 2: Pencil Skirt
– Post 3: Pivot & Slashing. Making a fuller skirt
– Post 4: Yokes
– Post 5: First skirt pattern 


Applique: sewing shaped pieces of fabric on to another piece of fabric to create designs and patterns.

Blanket Stitch

Cable Stitch

Chain Stitch

Couching: uses a thick cord or thread, which is laid on top of a fabric in the desired pattern.

Fagotting: bringing two pieces of fabric together with open stitches that are usually criss-crossed.

Italian Quilting: a decorative effect, using two layers of fabric and a corded channel.


Reverse Applique: Rather than sewing a layer of fabric on to another as in applique, reverse applique involves removing fabric to expose the layer underneath.

Satin Stitch

Trapunto: a method of quilting that creates a puffy, decorative feature. Trapunto uses at least two layers of fabric,  producing a raised surface.


2 thoughts on “Techniques & Tutorials

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  2. Lovely site and well thought out ……..easy for me to refer to with clear precise drawings and writings. Thank you very much.

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