Made by Me

April 2012

Mum’s Maternity Top

March 2012

Lustgården footstool

Cot Quilt

BurdaStyle maternity skirt

Butterick B5217

February 2012

New Look 6000

January 2011

Sarah’s Sorbetto

December 2011

Vogue V1179

Awamu Elephant

November 2011


6 thoughts on “Made by Me

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  2. Hey! Well done! Looks like you’ve made loads since you started sewing. I got a machine for Xmas, no idea how to use it and a little scared to get going. So far I’ve made a needlebook, a statement necklace and a cushion – but I definitely want to make some clothes. Your posts are inspiring me to get over my fear!

    • I think once you get started, the fear soon leaves you! It’s just that first big step and then you’ll be fine. The thing I’m realising is that you just have to accept you’re going to make mistakes (I HATE making mistakes!), and actually its the mistakes that will help you get better. Don’t know if you’ve seen the Colette Handbook, but its really good at telling you to take things slow, and that thats OK. Good luck – let me know what you end up making!

  3. So when does Alison start taking orders for clothes? lol I tried a plain black shift dress on in topshop on Sunday and was horrified that my bum was a bit too big. I thought what a shame Alisons not here, I could hire you to make a size 10 into a size 8 with a bigger bum skirt! shame shame lovely work dress!

  4. Hi Alison, this blog is amazing! I don’t know if you remember me, but we meet in the Witch Inn years ago, when you were planning your wedding I think! I am a friend of Dave’s sister (he’ll know me as Rudders). I live in Switzerland now, and have wanted to make my own clothes for a long time (to buy here is ridiculously expensive) but had no idea where to start, and a good deal of fear. How did you get started with yours? Is there a book or website you can recommend? I’m an absolute beginner – I don’t own a sewing machine, and the most complicated thing I ever made was an scatter cushion for Guides! 🙂

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