Pyjama Party: The Worst / Best / Funniest thing I have ever made…

For those of you who read other sewing blogs, I’m sure you can’t have missed the fact that today is Pyjama Party day!

This is the grand finale of a sewalong run by Karen at Did You Make That?. After a frustrating week last week of not being able to make very much because the little person growing in my belly gets in the way, I decided making pyjama bottoms might be the perfect pick-me-up as they would be simple, not require too much bending over and cutting time, and apparently after the baby comes you live in jammies for a few weeks.

This is the pattern I bought.

Having been swept away by the couple on the front of the pattern envelope, I had another idea. PJs for me and Dave!! (Not matching though, hopefully we will never reach the matching stage)

Now, I’m not sure about the etiquette of having a BOY at the Pyjama Party. Do I need to get parental permission? Do we stay in separate rooms even though we’re married…?

Unfortunately though, two pairs of PJs weren’t meant to be due to the very late arrival of the pattern in the post (yesterday). Instead I have just made Dave’s as a thank you for how brilliant he’s been in looking after me whilst I’m pregnant. I am pretty sure I haven’t always been the easiest person to deal with, and it requires a man of great patience to run to the corner shop late at night without a whisper of a complaint, because I have a ‘craving’ for Coco Pops.

So, Dave’s PJ fabric. Now this is where it possibly starts to get a bit silly. The options were traditional tartan, or something a bit more ‘interesting’. Having been let loose on Goldhawk Road (a street in London with lots of amazing fabric shops) unsupervised, take a wild guess which I went for.

SHARK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I must point out that I was shopping alone.

When the man in the shop found out I was being such a loving wife, he promptly said he would specially wrap my fabric up for me. (He meant the cellophane bag you see in the picture above, not the tissue paper and ribbons I’d been imagining :-))

Now, sharks aren’t neccessarily the most relaxing choice for a pair of jammies, but never fear Dave, Peggy’s got your back. She’s not scared of no sharks!!

Thankfully this was a super easy pattern with only one pattern piece, so they didn’t take too long to make. The tricky part was the fact that Dave was away while I was making them, so I had to guess a bit with which size to go for. Now that I have Dave and his measurements back, I should have gone for the smaller size.


And that is why I have decided these are the ‘Worst / Best / Funniest thing I have ever made…’ The fabric is awful / amazing, and the fit is veering on the clown-like, but they make me chuckle every time I see them. And that has never happened with anything I’ve made before!

Dave reading his grown-up book, in his grown-up PJs

I would say don’t worry, no-ones going to see you in these Dave, but now I’ve written a whole blog post on them!

(Thanks Karen for a great sewalong, it has made me laugh a lot, although not necessarily in ways I was expecting :-))

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25 thoughts on “Pyjama Party: The Worst / Best / Funniest thing I have ever made…

  1. Haha, that’s absolutely brilliant! I bought some similar fabric from the same shop to make shorts for my son (I think mine has piranhas on it!) maybe I’ll make him PJ bottoms instead now! Dave is indeed a superstar. X

  2. They’re brilliant and isn’t he a good sport for letting you take his photo ? – lol. He looks so much cooler than the model on the pattern – ha. When I was pregnant all I wanted to do was sit and eat fruit pastilles so well done xx

  3. I love that fabric, that would make an excellent scrub for The Husband. Your husband is a brave man, being the only (so far) male guest at a pyjama party.

  4. Ha, I love them! That fabric is so cool. Coincidentally I have spied some striped fabric fabric with sharks in that I want to use to make PJs for my husband, except it was a scandalous £20 per metre!

  5. Really great PJs. Love the fabric. All of a sudden the males in my household are asking for new PJs. But I’d better finish the boxer shorts I was set to make them several months ago!!!!

  6. Go Dave! I love those pjs – the fabric is great and I think the fit is just fine, but then I favour baggy and comfortable in the pyjama department. I had grand ideas to make pjs for my husband and baby too, but was less generous than you and in the end just made my own…

  7. I love the fabric and Dave models them so well! Think I might have to investigate that street, where abouts is it?

    • Thanks for letting me know about your sewalong! I think I may have unintentionally been taking part anyway. Am over 6 months pregnant now and finding all the laying out of patterns etc a bit tricky so not sure how much more I’m going to get done between now and the big day!

  8. Hey, nice job. They’re cool and I know you have a baby on the way, but if there’s any spare cash, you should get yourselves a sailboat and model the PJs on the deck on lazy Sunday mornings.

    P.S. I just bought the pirahna fabric on Goldhawk Road to make my son some Bermuda shorts!

  9. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone – much kinder than the ones Dave’s friends made on Facebook when they saw what I’d done!!

    Thought you might also like to know that our boiler broke over the weekend, so we had to go round to a friends for a shower and rather than getting dressed beforehand Dave just wore his new PJs round there. A much braver person than me!!

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