Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Yes, I firmly believe in the above phrase (Dave, that’s aimed at you. Did I mention I’m going to be getting a person out of me in a few months time? :-))

The reason I have quoted the song made famous by Marylin Monroe is because Dave took me to see a small exhibition (see, you brought it on yourself Dave) at the Getty Images Gallery just behind Oxford Street at the weekend. The exhibition commemmorates 50 years since the death of Marilyn Monroe through photographs and a display of costumes and dresses worn by the star.

It was obviously the dresses that we went for, and here is a selection for you to see. One of the things I thought was lacking from some of the exhibition was being able to see an image of Monroe wearing the dress, so I have tried to do that here instead.

  The Prince and the Showgirl

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Some Like it Hot

Bus Stop


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

There’s No Business Like Show Business

The exhibition is open until 23 May, and although it’s small I’d recommend popping in to have a peek!

Images Sources
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3 thoughts on “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

  1. That ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ outfit looks familiar. I must have a dig through my wardrobe as I’m sure I have something very similar. If I can find it, I’ll wear it to class on Monday.

    Thank you for showing this. It looks fantastic. I actually did a quick google search as there is another brilliant gallery very close to there called the Photographer Gallery and I wondered if it was the same place with a name change, but it wasn’t. I saw an exhibition a few years ago with the theme of people reading. It was far more interesting that it sounds. No, really it was!

    Now, a question, were the outfits tiny? I ask because Marilyn was obviously very curvy, but apparently she was also really small. Love the comparison of outfits and photos, and that you managed to get Dave to come with you…

    • The Photographers Gallery is behind the other side of Oxford Street, but quite near so easily confused! It’s just been re-done I think so might be worth another look.

      Having seen a couple of films with her in, I was surprised by how small the costumes where really – I definitely wouldn’t fit in to them at the moment! I was also surprised at how some of them were much bigger than others, so she must have changed shape quite a lot I guess.

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