RIP Sewing Room

I think I’m about to write a post that makes me sound very unreasonable, but here goes…

Yesterday was a sad day at Peggy’s Pickles HQ, as The Sewing Room is no more 😦

Until yesterday I had everything I needed in one room.

My sewing machine, with a nice view out of the window…

Plenty of room for all my patterns and books and things I don’t really need…

And the ironing board, mirror and mannequin within easy reach.

And probably most importantly a wooden floor – perfect for cutting out fabric.

Then yesterday I go to the gym, and come back to find this.

And this.

IN A DIFFERENT ROOM!!!!!! WITH CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much to my sadness, The Sewing Room has been relegated to a corner of another room to make way for The Nursery. It is fair to say I didn’t think this whole thing far enough through – I knew I’d have to give a lot of things up with the arrival of this child, but The Sewing Room? Really?!

However, as Dave pointed out I may have reacted a little hormonally (pretty sure that’s not a real word) when I got a bit upset by the whole thing :-).

After sleeping on the whole situation, I can now see it’s not that bad at all – I have the lovely task of getting The Nursery ready, I got to sort through all my sewing stuff and uncover things I forgot I had, and I get to hunt for new shelves and things to make The Sewing Corner as lovely as The Sewing Room once was.

RIP Sewing Room, you will be missed 🙂


6 thoughts on “RIP Sewing Room

  1. I’m going to be facing the same thing in a couple of months, and not looking forward to it at all! My messy-but-loved sewing space will instead be crammed into the sunroom with all of it’s related foot traffic through the back door of our house. *sigh* Oh well, guess that’s what we get for creating little people! 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you do with the nursery!

  2. I’ve just gone through this myself, although I haven’t yet sorted out a new sewing space – it’s sad! But very lovely to have a baby to replace the sewing room 🙂

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