The dresses reach Kenya!

Today I’m really excited to be able to show you some more of the pillowcase dresses in their final destination – Kenya!

You may remember that back in December I gave charity Chance to Grow 70 of the dresses to take to Great Mercy school and orphanage in Kitale, western Kenya.

Chance to Grow, and Great Mercy, serves many orphaned children from the region, and offers education to those children who slip through the net of primary education. In Kenya, while primary education is free, secondary schooling is not; and students must pay fees of around £400 per year. This is more than double the average annual income of a rural Kenyan family.

Families in rural areas are less likely to send their child to school because children are an important labour force. Girls are less likely to be educated than boys and are often married off at an early age. In addition, HIV/AIDS has left many orphans to be raised by relatives, who can ill afford to pay more school fees. Chance to Grow’s goal is to provide a loving home for children with nowhere else to go, and to provide education for those who would otherwise have to go without it.

Seeing these photos definitely makes all the efforts of the Pillowcase Dress Challenge last year seem worthwhile.

Has anyone spotted one of theirs yet?!

(For anyone wondering, the Dress a Girl Around the World charity does have a pattern for making trousers for boys, so although I didn’t make anything for them there are people out there doing so)

12 thoughts on “The dresses reach Kenya!

  1. So wonderful to see them in situ. You must be so proud! I’m pretty sure I sewed the bows and buttons on the pink one in the 5th picture down! 2nd one in from the left at the back. How lovely!

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  3. Each charity or NGO that helps a student or school in Kenya will help the country grow stronger. Thank you for the work you have done. I just returned from Kenya this past Saturday working with schools and students in several cities.

  4. Thanks for posting these, it’s so wonderful to see them there. I spotted one of mine in the sixth picture (orange one in the right corner).
    Well done on making so many.

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