Finished Project: BurdaStyle maternity skirt

Things have been getting a bit dire in my wardrobe – the rapid growth of my tummy has meant that in the last couple of weeks I have I managed to pop a button off a cardigan, rip a hole in one dress, cause a bow to come unstitched on another, and also rip a pair of pants (underwear / underpants – what do you call them in the US?!).

A nasty trip to Oxford Street to try and remedy the problem actually just made things worse. Either none of the maternity clothes were to my taste, or were far too expensive (Topshop, I’m talking to you) to be able to justify only wearing them for a few more months.

So, I need to get a wriggle on in making a few more things before I bust out of anything else! I found the BurdaStyle maternity range a week or so ago and was mulling over whether to make the skirt or trousers. The skirt won for it’s ease of construction, and here is the finished article.

I used the left over black jersey from my New Look 6000 dress, so including the pattern and fabric I reckon this skirt cost about £5!

The actual construction of the skirt was super easy, put in some gathers and stitch together basically.

A weird angle view of the gathers that will help the skirt grow with me

It was the sizing that caused me the biggest issue. After I had finally located the size chart on the BurdaStyle website, I used my hip measurements and the nearest size was a 42 so this is what I cut and sewed. I mean, how can it go wrong?

Well. After removing a total of at least 10cm from the sides of the skirt, redoing the gathers, and getting a little bit cross at how bad the size chart is (this isn’t just me it turns out, there are quite a few complaints about it!), I had a nearly finished skirt. Admittedly I didn’t actually measure the pattern and check it like I’ve been taught, but I couldn’t really see how this was going to go wrong! Now for the waistband.

As far as I know Burda started in Germany. And it is a possibility that pregnant German women grow upwards as well as outwards. That is the only explanation I can possibly think of when it comes to the waistband you are supposed to put on this skirt, as it came up OVER MY BUST. Not just a little bit, it completely enclosed my 32 triple N (it’s not really this big, but I’m sure it’s getting pretty close :-)) bust! Even folding the waistband over kept some of it well covered!

Using my powers of deduction that this was not where the WAISTband was meant to be I halved it, and then took off a bit more. The waistband you see before you now is still folded in half. Have I got across yet how big this thing was?

I have to say though, considering the black skirt below from the NCT shop is a whopping £45, I’m pretty happy with mine, big waistband and all 🙂


11 thoughts on “Finished Project: BurdaStyle maternity skirt

  1. Ooh very slinky and sophisticated Alison – good job! H&M have maternity but I think they’re quite casual, and yes totally agree that you don’t want to be shelling out on clothes you’ll only wear for a limited period, unless you’re planning on a big family!

  2. The skirt looks great! I am So glad to hear of your sizing issues! I got the February burda Because of the maternity trousers and made them right away. Well. The legs fit beautifully and were a dream to make as per my experience with other burda patterns, the Belly/ waistband portion on the other hand was ENORMOUS. Tall, wide, insane. I checked my pattern tracing, and remade it twice (slightly smaller the second time but not nearly small enough) before I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed. ( I think that I ended up at about half the width ) it is not a complicated pattern. Glad to know it’s not just me. So odd. Thanks for the post!

    • Meant to mention that, like you I am still happy to have made the pants –I was just hoping for better pattern drafting on that crucial point!

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