Finished project: Butterick B5217

Yesterday I finished my top in my Clothes Making class, and I think it is the most well made thing I’ve done so far!

I have found this term much less frustrating than last term, as I am now more confident to go and do things on my own rather than have to wait for the tutor each time I get to a new stage.

You can read about the various alterations I made to the pattern before I cut out the fabric here. All was going swimmingly until I tried it on near the end, and realised my bust had grown AGAIN since the first measurements! Luckily, I was able to make the bust area bigger by un-stitching the pleats at the front.

They had been fixed down with top stitching for about 5cm, but by removing these the pleats were free to grow with me.

After the baby comes I WILL return to a more normal size in that area and so can stitch them down again if I want to keep wearing the top.

You may remember that I also added a half circle to the bottom of the front of the top to allow for my tummy to lift it up as it grows. It seems that is already working!

I think I’m most pleased with the sleeves. Having never done sleeves before ‘properly’ it’s amazing to see the difference between me trying to bodge them together, and actually being shown a correct way of doing them. I learnt a better way to gather, did some block fusing, and practiced my sink stitch.

As my classmates kindly pointed out, this top does make me look a bit pregnant. And for once that’s not a bad thing – I can’t believe how much my belly has grown over the last couple of weeks! As the top is made from a lovely light cotton I hope I’ll get lots of use out of it over the summer.

I thought I’d leave you with the view I have of of my feet when I’m wearing this top…



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