The dresses reach Ghana!

It’s only one photo so far, but here you can see two girls in Ghana wearing the dresses that we made!

The one on the left was made at Hayward’s Heath Baptist Church, and the one on the right was made at the Mindshare Pillowcase Party.

Nearly 50 dresses were taken out last year by the Nyaboo Ghana Development Fund in Ghana.

Hopefully I will have more photos to show you soon, but it’s good to know they got there and are being worn!

To find out more about the Pillowcase Dress Challenge I did last year click here.


4 thoughts on “The dresses reach Ghana!

  1. Oh honey I meant to message the other day. I was having a totally rubbish Monday and when I saw your post it made me so happy. Well done for organising it and letting so many people get involved.


    PS your new top is very foxy and makes you look like a rocking Mama especially with those lovely shoes. No oversizes dungarees on your watch 🙂

    • I’m glad it cheered you up – I had a bad day yesterday and then got an email saying all the other dresses had reached their destination and the girls loved them, so that cheered me up too! x

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