Peggy’s Pickles branches out

Today is the official launch day of Peggy’s Pickles Vintage over on Etsy! Woopee!

I’ve been photographing and listing some of the dresses that I already had and some new ones I’ve found, and am pleased to be able to tell you that they are now for sale in my new little shop.

I hope you’ll pop on over for a quick look, and all being well I’ll be updating gradually with any new things I find (admittedly my initial stock list was about double but I found I couldn’t bear to part with some of the dresses I’ve bought over the last few years!).

My favourite dress on sale at the moment is this blue scalloped dress.

1980s royal blue fitted scalloped neckline dress, small

I also love this little 1960s minidress that I found on a trip to Portland, Oregon last year!

1960s Lilac mini-dress, small / medium

It’s all a bit new to me, so if you have any helpful comments or suggestions they are very welcome.

Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Peggy’s Pickles branches out

  1. ooh check you out. Taking over the world with vintage dresses 🙂

    For promotion check out Pinterest. I am a tad obsessed with it.

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