Block Fusing (I failed to think of a more interesting title!)

Last week I had had all the best intentions for my blog, and was going to try and return to the pre-pregnancy days of a post a day. For various reasons it obviously wasn’t meant to be, so lets see if I can do a bit better this week!

Today I just wanted to share a quick tip for using fusible interfacing that I learnt in my clothes making class.

For those that haven’t heard of interfacing before, Sewbox has a good blog post on it, and defines it as:

“…an additional layer applied to the inside of garments, in certain areas only, to add firmness, shape, structure, and support to areas such as collars, cuffs, waistbands and pockets; and to stabilise areas such as shoulder seams or necklines, which might otherwise hang limply.”

In our lesson we are using fusible interfacing, which has a layer of glue on one side that sticks permanently to other fabric when ironed together.

The method we were taught for sticking the two pieces of fabric together is called block fusing. It’s common sense really, but here’s how to do it.

Cut your garment fabric and fusible interfacing to the same size, but big enough to accommodate your pattern piece.

Put a large protective piece of paper or fabric over your ironing board, and iron your garment fabric flat.

Place the fusible interfacing on top of the wrong side of your garment fabric, with the glue side down.

Fold over the protective paper layer to enclose the fabric pieces.

Rather than gliding the iron over the fabric, place it on top and hold down firmly. Repeat this all over the fabric to ensure the glue has melted and attached to the garment fabric.

Once it has attached, gently peel away the protective paper.

Give the two attached layers an iron on the right side of the fabric, to ensure any bubbles have gone.

You are then ready to pin and cut your pattern pieces out. By attaching the interfacing in this way you ensure that it is exactly the same size as the fabric itself, rather than having two pieces that don’t really go together.

(apologies for the bad photos, I forgot my camera so these are taken on my phone)


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