Little Red Georgette

Remember this pattern that I showed you weeks and weeks ago, in fact, probably last year even?

Well I finally finished it! I seem to be a little slow at everything I do these days, so it took a bit longer than I had planned, but here it is.

I knew that I was pregnant when I chose the pattern back in December, and while it isn’t maybe something I would have chosen normally I thought the pleats would work really well with my expanding belly.

Thankfully I started the dress with making a toile.

I know I’ve moaned on about it before, but I’m finding sizing a bit tricky at the moment as my bust is quite out of proportion with the rest of me. Because of this I made the toile in the biggest size I had, a 14, as this was closest to my bust measurement at the time. By doing this my bust fitted perfectly. It meant that the rest of the dress was a little roomy, and I was able to slip the dress on with no closures (zips etc). The extra room is actually quite comfy at the moment so I decided to use a belt to give it more shape, and not having to put in a zip made the lazy in me very happy! The only alteration I did was to move the princess seams outwards a couple of centimetres so that they fell over the bust point and therefore looks like a much better fit.

I also decided not to have sleeves on the finished dress as I can then hopefully wear it for longer in to my pregnancy.

The georgette fabric I used was a bargainous £1 a metre from Saheed’s Fabric on Walthamstow High Street! All wonderful until it was hanging up to dry at home and I realised how see-through it is – not very appropriate for a preggers lady now is it?! This meant that I had to line it, which was a good learning experience for me as I had to work out how to attach the lining. The georgette was also the slippery-est (yes, am just making words up now I think) fabric I have used so far, and I did find it a bit tricky at times! The hems aren’t great because of this.

And here’s my little bump! It is a baby, promise, although I did eat rather a lot at the weekend so it could be mistaken for a food baby at the moment 🙂

Oh, and finally I kept some extra length at the front to allow for the bump to grow and keep the hemline even.


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