Dear Lorna

We were very sorry not to see you at school yesterday. You can’t possibly imagine my reaction when I realised you weren’t going to make it…

I thought you might like to know what you missed though.

First we finished cutting out our adjusted pattern pieces. Then we lay on the floor to be photographed with them.

Then, we studiously pinned, cut and marked our fabrics.

The room was filled with my favourite sound in the world – scissors cutting though fabric.

Next week we are going to cut out the fusible interfacing (email me if you want to know what to get!), which caused great confusion to the lady in the black and pearls. A man even had to come and explain to her!

I very much hope you will be back at school next week! x

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2 thoughts on “Dear Lorna

  1. Thank you! (big smile)

    I can’t believe I missed laying on the floor with my pattern pieces: I remember that so fondly from last term.

    Yes please to the fusible interfacing advice…

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