Run for your lives!!

Like a bad episode of Dr Who, my worst sewing nightmare has come true! No, I didn’t break a needle, or cut out something wrong – it is far more sinister than that!

Last night as I quietly (apart from when it went wrong) sewed away at my machine, there were strange going’s on behind me…

I could hear cardboard ripping, sellotape un-sticking, wood and metal scraping. And in true Dr Who fashion I didn’t try escape from the unknown danger I was in. Oh no, instead I swiveled round in my chair armed with a seam ripper to confront the untold horrors and protect my unborn child.

What, I hear you cry, did I find? Remember the Weeping Angels?

It was worse than these. Much worse.

Attack of the Lady Valet’s!!!!!!!

OK, so I may have overplayed the whole thing, and it may have been that they sent me the wrong size, and I may have taken a few weeks to realise that I am not a large I am a small, and they may have sent me the right size, and I may be waiting for them to pick up the big size. But that’s not a very interesting story now it is?!

Scary image source


One thought on “Run for your lives!!

  1. haha! You had me going there for a while. I probably need to get out more…
    Those two are quite different sizes, aren’t they?

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