The last little dresses

But by no means the least little dresses!

Thank you to Anne from Petty Grievances who sent eight dresses all the way from the US, and to one of my Clothes Making classmates for the ninth dress.

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Another big thank you to Emma who owns the Cragg Sisters tea rooms in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Emma held a pillowcase dress making party there recently where they made 37 dresses!

I can now reveal that the total number of dresses made for the challenge has reached a whopping…

Just for clarity, that was…

dresses !!!!!


In a nutshell, inspired by an article I read about the charity Dress A Girl Around The World in October, I set myself the challenge of making 52 pillowcase dresses (one for every dress I own myself, yes, embarrassing, and yes, I am trying to curb this dress addiction). You can read more about why I did the challenge here. Back in the olden days of 2011 I thought 52 dresses was being ambitious.

But that was when I thought it was just going to be billy-no-mates me stuck in my sewing room for days on end. What I didn’t anticipate was how much the challenge and more importantly Dress A Girl Around The World, would capture all of your imaginations.

Within a few weeks the first target of 52 was smashed! It wasn’t just people who have been sewing for a while that wanted to get involved, people who had never used a machine before were just as eager to help.

Without all of the dresses that were sent to me from around the world, the pillowcases that were collected, and the parties that everyone came to, I would probably still be chained to the sewing machine on dress 52!

Over the course of the challenge I have met lots of lovely people, and been in contact with even more lovely people – I hope it continues long after the end of the challenge.

So far 70 of the dresses are on their way to Kenya with Chance to Grow, and 50 are already being worn in Ghana. As soon as I have some photos I will share them – then we can play ‘Spot my pillowcase dress’!

Here are the links again to the five different parties that were held:

The Mindshare Pillowcase Party
The Haywards Heath Pillowcase Party
The Walthamstow Pillowcase Party
The Drink, Shop & Do Pillowcase Party
The Cragg Sisters Pillowcase Party (see above)

All that remains is for me to say from myself and I’m sure all of the girls wearing our dresses, one last very very big…

…to you all!


4 thoughts on “The last little dresses

  1. Indeed… well done YOU! I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to play my small part and have relished chance to meet all the lovely people I met along the way. Thank you x

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