I love a good list!

The other day I had a bit of a sort through all of the blog posts I’ve done so far, and was really surprised at how much I have learnt in the four months I have been sewing.

However, everything was all over the place with no easy way of finding things. While I’m sure this isn’t a problem for any of you, for me the main reason I started this blog was to record everything I do. I don’t want to have to trawl through all past posts to try and find how to insert a pocket, so I made some new pages at the top of my home page.

This first is Made by Me where I have listed everything I have made in date order, and shown a photo with a link to the relevant blog post. Pretty self explanatory really!

The second page is Techniques & Tutorials, where I have created two lists (yay for lists!). The first list is tutorials or how-to’s of things I have been taught such as transferring pattern markings or creating a skirt block. Each how-to links to the blog post where I have explained how to do it.

The second list is of decorative techniques I have learnt such as pintucks and trapunto. As before, each technique links to the blog post I have written explaining how to do the technique.

Hopefully for me at least that makes things easier to find. If you do happen to use either page and can suggest improvements then please do.

Now, as this has been a wholly text based post here is a little something to drool over – enjoy.

Dior 1955-1956 Evening Dress
V&A Collection



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