Pleats Please

It seems that pleats and pregnancy are bestest buddies. Combine with some jersey and you’ve got three BFF’s for sure.

Pre-pregnancy I didn’t own anything made of jersey (a stretchy knit fabric that t-shirts are most often made from). I then made the Vogue V1179, a super comfy stretchy dress. And I’m sure I will be making many more jersey dresses to see me through.

I tried this one on in Topshop the other day:

Apart from my current lack of bump it fitted really nicely, but is costs 40 squids!! I know I’m a beginner, but I’m sure with a little help from somewhere I could make something very similar for a fraction of the cost. It’s only made of four pieces of fabric if that, how hard can it be? (Feel free to point and laugh when I find this impossibly difficult later on!)

I like the Topshop dress because apart from having space to expand at the front, overall the dress is still quite fitted which is much more in keeping with my usual taste.

I started this post meaning to show you the latest dress I’m working on, but seem to have got a bit distracted! I am making Vogue V8509, version B. It uses pleats to the max, hence the title of this post, and will hopefully accomodate my tummy as it grows, while still having a relatively fitted bust.

So far I have made the toile, and as predicted I need to increase the bust, and reduce the shoulder width. Luckily I have a copy of The Perfect Fit which I think will be able to guide me through these adjustments.

I have also overcome my fear of the dress form and am putting it to good use!


3 thoughts on “Pleats Please

  1. It seems like the pleats leave a lot of room for growth, but the waist might be too low. A cummerbund would be fine for the first few months of pregnancy, but omigoodness, not for long. The blue dress you showed has a higher waist, like empire style. It just tickled me that you and Elizabeth both showed a very similar dress within a month of each other. Good luck!

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