Back to School: Butterick B5217

This week was the start of the spring term at Morley College where I am doing my sewing classes.

On Mondays I am in the beginners clothes making class. Yes, despite my lack of patience last term with my skirt, I have gone back for more!

This term we are making a simple top, and I have chosen version D of Butterick B5217.

As with the skirt, we were given quite strict guidelines as to what we could choose so that the class isn’t too broad with skill levels.

My normal style would be something much more fitted with bust darts, but as the top will be finished about March time I will have changed shape quite a lot by then. Instead I wanted something that will be comfortable to wear over my bump. I will also be learning about facings and fitting sleeves which I have done on my own before but it will be good to learn how to do it properly.

In the class yesterday we took our individual measurements, and my waist has grown by over 8cm since October! It’s odd getting used to the changes when you’ve had the same familiar body for 30 years. And the rapid growth of my bust over the last 3 months is more alarming than I thought! According to the Butterick size chart I am now a bust size 18, and a rest-of-me size 12. Watch out London – there may not be space for all of us!

This combination of measurements should however mean that I learn quite a lot about altering a pattern to fit me. This will be really useful as it was a problem (not quite so extreme, mind) before I was pregnant anyway.

So, come along for the Butterick B5217 ride. I will be learning a lot, getting frustrated even more, but will hopefully be a happy bunny at the end of it…


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