Finished project: V1179 dress

Just before Christmas I finished one of my What Next? projects – the V1179 dress.

This is the pattern cover:

And this is my version:

Now, my plan had been to get the dress form and then not have to pose awkwardly to show you what I’ve made. However, as I’m sure many of you realised long ago, this won’t really show the clothes off as well – it won’t show how they really fit me etc. So, I’m just going to have to get less camera shy! I should take a leaf out of Peggy’s book – she can’t wait to get in front of the camera. Here are a couple more posey shots (especially for you Emma D!!)

Dave and I are also going to have to get better at taking photos, maybe that would help a bit.

Anyway, back to the dress! I first saw the dress on Karen’s blog, and initially thought it would be super comfy for the flight to New York I will be making in February. It then turns out it will also be pretty handy as my tummy gets bigger over the next few months!

I’ve worn it loads over the holidays, and it is really comfy. I made it in a size larger than I need at the moment, but wanted to give myself extra tummy room for later on.

As it’s not very fitted, the only alteration I made was to the length as it swamped me a bit. The main challenge I had was sewing with jersey – something I’d never done before, and which turned out not to be as scary as I imagined. Next time I just need to make the stitch length a bit longer, and actually remember Karen’s tip for hand sewing in the collar!

I made the dress at the end of a day of work experience at Phannatiq so that I could use the overlocker. I was due at a Christmas party so the pressure was on and I know I wasn’t as careful as I could have been. I also didn’t have access to the internet and couldn’t remember what Karen’s tips had been. Sure enough, I tried sewing in the collar using stitch and ditch, and I did miss bits. Next time I’ll take your advice I promise Karen!

3 thoughts on “Finished project: V1179 dress

  1. Gorgeous dress, love the colour on you. Confidence – you have great posture so let yourself shine. Happy sewing

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