Another new addition…

No, I’m not expecting twins (although maybe it would be better to pop two out in one go and be done with it?!), my lovely family all got together to get me a dress form for Christmas and my birthday.

I ordered it on Wednesday from here (by far the cheapest I could find, although it seems to have gone up by £10 since Wednesday!), and it arrived on Thursday – blimmin’ quick if you ask me.

All in the name of Peggy’s Pickles, Dave kindly recorded the construction of my new rather poshly named Lady Valet (manufacturer’s name, not mine I would like to point out).

What's this I wonder?

Those who have been around me and big boxes before, will know that I often think I can fit in them. I can't, but it doesn't seem to stop me trying.

It comes with it's very own screwdriver! Hands off David!

Pretty sure my tongue was sticking out with concentration at this point.

On it goes.

Maybe not the most accurate way of making the waist the same level as mine, especially as I'm not entirely sure where mine is these days...

It's going to need some serious bulking up over the next few months!

Now, as the last photo shows, we were getting on swimmingly post-construction. How quick these things can change…

Dave took it upstairs to the sewing room, but left it peeking round the door. I forgot all about it being there and then had the fright of my life when I got to the top of the stairs to find it looming there in the dark. I had to close the door, and then check it hadn’t been opened in the morning. Scary stuff people, scary stuff.

Therefore, I am definitely of the Tilly school of thought – these things should never be named. And it is definitely an IT, not a She.

Despite the slight sense of unease I have around it in the dark, I can’t wait to size it properly and use it when making my next creation!



11 thoughts on “Another new addition…

    • hello! I’m thinking of buying the lady valet adjustform, and I found your photo and your funny story with this dressform… so who better than you can advise me on the purchase of ladt valet?? 🙂
      How does it work? the waist is too narrow compared to the hips?
      I found lady valet to ‘Matri’ shop online is soldere to 169 euro ( 137 british pound) because it is a return, it seems to me a good price, what do you think?
      after reading your story, I wondered if the dummy that I want to buy is your return, because I asked the reason for the return and they said that was an error of size, and then you said it was the best price the web so when I saw your experience I thought it might be the same lady valet…should be very strange? do you think? instead have you another web shop to recommend?
      i’m sorry for my english, i’m italian..thanks a lot

      • Hi Frederica,

        Unfortunately I can’t really advise you on how good the Lady Valet is yet as I was pregnant when I got it! As my body kept changing so much it hasn’t been very practical to use it, and since my son was born I haven’t had much time for sewing – hopefully all that will change as he gets older though!

        It would be very strange if you ended up with my old dress form though – would be nice to think of it in a good home in the end 🙂

        This is the UK based website where I got mine

        When I bought it last year it was the cheapest one I could find.

        Sorry I can’t be of more help – good luck in your search!


      • Hi Allison!
        I read the wrong date that’s why I thought it might be your dummy … oops! … 😛 hopefully it will be in a good home! 😀
        In your webshop I found the lady valet to 112 pounds, is very good, thank you! But I’m thinking to take lady lewenstein legform… I don’t know…
        Ok!Thans again and I wish to you all the best for your child and for your future works! bye

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