What a lot of news!

I’m back! Happy New Year everyone – I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.

On New Years Eve I celebrated my 30th birthday. Check out the sewing related presents (Peggy not included) I was given – it seems word has got around!

Can you believe it – there’s an original Singer sewing machine in there!

The celebrations started the day before with cocktails overlooking London from Paramount Bar, and a yummy meal at The Swan.

Yes, me and my sister look very alike 🙂

Then on my actual birthday we had a dinner party at home. Now, I know that many of you have been asking about, and waiting to see the dress I was making for the party. I have a confession to make. It never got made. However, I am hoping my reason will excuse me because…

I’m having a baby! Dave and I are both so excited / scared (what do I know about babies?!!!!), but it did mean that the dress never made it past toile stage. My waist has been rapidly disappearing, and I have just generally been feeling a bit fat (no nice baby bump yet!), which meant that I didn’t feel great about wearing a cinched in 1950s dress.

Instead I had changed the plan to this pattern that my Nan originally made for my Mum.

But the dress was obviously not meant to be. You may remember me being ill before Christmas, which was mostly due to a nasty cold but was made worse due to being pregnant. Unfortunately I had set aside that time to make the dress, so when I was better I had to admit defeat and make a trip to Beyond Retro (no great hardship really). Instead I wore this 1980s (am guessing) crazy jumpsuit thing! The top is velvet with gold fireworks on and the bottom part is plain black something-or-other.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to tackle the whole pregnancy / making my own clothes yet, but needless to say I will be attempting this look…

Rather than this look…

Watch this space!

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10 thoughts on “What a lot of news!

  1. Ah congratulations Alison! Am utterly delighted for you! Check out these wonderful maternity patterns from Megan Nielsen – perhaps a future project? Congrats again! xxx

  2. Aww congrats! I love reading your blog posts, I wish I was good at making clothes – new year’s resolution right there! I look forward to seeing your posts on maternity where – maybe I can try something for my friend who is expecting in June 🙂

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