The Christmas Elephant

You may remember my evening with charity Awamu, where I made a hanging bird decoration. Well recently I finished the elephant as well, and the Christmas Elephant was born!

Admittedly, the elephant isn’t the first animal that springs to mind when you think of Christmas. Maybe reindeer, donkeys, or even a little festive robin.

However, it seems the Christmas Elephant has long been overlooked. According to Wikipedia, the source of all accurate knowledge known to man, animals in “…nativity scenes include elephants and camels.” Told you! The Christmas Elephant exists!

And for those vintage lovers among us, it gets even better. I have uncovered a 1960s classic piece which I feel must surely prove how important the Christmas Elephant was to people of that era (probs best to listen with headphones if you’re at work!):

And if I still haven’t made my point clear, here are some recent Christmas Elephants having a great time unwrapping their presents at Whipsnade Zoo.

Long live the Christmas Elephant!



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