The Week of the Pillowcase Dress

Tomorrow it will be exactly two months since I launched the Pillowcase Dress Challenge! Sometimes it has felt a bit like my life, and spare room, has always revolved around pillowcase dresses so I was suprised to find out it was only a couple of months ago that it all started.

This week is going to be my final big push to get as many done as possible, so if you’ve got any at home can you get them to me asap please!

Recently I have to admit I have found it quite difficult to motivate myself to make ANOTHER dress, but today we reached a huge milestone. Since the last Pillowcase Dress Parties a couple of weeks ago, I have made 19 dresses which took the total up to 99 yesterday.

Then, as luck would have it I received one more dress in the post today from Mo, which takes the total up to 100! We’ve reached the second target – woohoo!!

Here is the 100th dress – thank you Mo!

Reader Lisa also took 20 pillowcases off my hands which was amazing. She should be bringing along her finished dresses tomorrow night, which will bump the total up loads!

I haven’t been showing you any of the dresses I’ve been making, as they’ve been quite plain. Hopefully they will be embellished tomorrow night at Drink, Shop & Do though, and I’ll show you them when I let you know how the evening went (am getting a bit nervous now – hope people turn up / I’ve made enough dresses / everyone has fun / I don’t make an idiot of myself in some as yet imaginable way…).

Dresses ready to be embellished tomorrow night

Before I get to tomorrow night though, I have my clothes making class today. As it’s the last class before Christmas, those that finish their skirts are hopefully going to help out by making a pillowcase dress.

I have this pile of 39 unmade pillowcases which we might be able to make a dent in later (although there are only 14 of us, most of whom will be finishing off skirts so I will be happy even if we just make a few between us!).

So today, combined with tomorrow, and any other dresses that are on their way to me should mean that we by far exceed the 100 target – thanks everyone!


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