The Lesser Spotted Gonolek

No, I haven’t finally crossed over the fine line into insanity! Last night I spent a cosy evening making African inspired Christmas decorations and gifts with charity Awamu.

The evening was held at Family Tree on Exmouth Market, with proceeds going to Awamu. Awamu works with communities in Uganda that are affected by HIV and Aids, and you can read more about their work on their website.

Greeted by a pile of amazing fabric made in Uganda, I couldn’t wait to get sewing.

Especially as these little fellows were sitting on the table in front of me:

Armed with the instructions to make a Lesser Spotted Gonolek (a bird commonly found in Uganda in case you were wondering!), off I went selecting, cutting and sewing fabric until I ended up with my finished little bird.

There was a cake break (or two) of course.

And here is my finished bird.

I think he’ll look great hanging on the Christmas tree. I also started making the elephant, but he is yet to be finished so I will show you him when he’s done.

As well as a night of crafty fun, Emma from Awamu offered to take some of the Pillowcase Dresses from my challenge out to Uganda on her next trip which will probably be in February. All in all a great evening!

Best go finish my elephant 🙂


One thought on “The Lesser Spotted Gonolek

  1. Thank you for coming along to our little workshop last night. It was lovely to meet you.

    And a special thanks for the offer of the wonderful dresses, they will very much appreciated.

    Happy stitching your awamu elephant!


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