Vintage Pattern Parade

Today I have completely been inspired by / copied Stitch & Witter’s Vintage Dress Parade from yesterday (make sure you take a peek at them, they’re beautiful), but I’m doing it with patterns!

Much like all the donations my Nan has made to me of her old sewing bits and pieces (who can forget the amazing hem marker!) and clothes, my mum and mother-in-law have also been passing things my way. In particular I have all of my mum’s old patterns that she made for herself. I’m not sure how happy she’ll be with me calling them ‘vintage’ in the title, but I thought you might like to see a few of my favourites.

If you can get over the hairstyles, I love the dress and shoes the girl in the middle is wearing. Not so sure about the other two outfits…

This one was my mother-in-laws. Very stylish!

I included this one as I really like the style of illustration.

I think this one might be my favourite, and hopefully I can make it sometime soon.

My Nan made the long dress for my Mum, my sister then wore it to a Jane Austen themed hen party, and I then got my hands on it and turned it in to this (because of the embellishment my Nan used, I think removing it was definitely an improvement!):

I’m not sure that all the patterns are big enough for me, or if all the pieces are still there, but there’s plenty to keep me busy! If and when I make any of them I’ll try and find out a bit more about them and let you know.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Pattern Parade

  1. Ooh these are beautiful Alison. I have some similar tunic patterns to 2931 and 3755 and I love the Butterick 5957 view A – gorgeous. Great collection – looking forward to hearing more about them!

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