Drink, Shop & Do Pillowcase Dress Party – 6th December

Pillowcase Party season is well under way! I have already held one party, and my mum has held another. Both were great successes and led to us all beating my challenge of 52 dresses by Christmas. The new target is 100 by Christmas!

This weekend see’s another flurry of parties – I’m holding one at home, as is my sister way up north. Check back on Monday to see how we all got on!

I wanted to remind you that all these parties are culminating in one big bash at Drink, Shop & Do on 6th December. I hope as many of you as possible will be able to come. On the night you will be able to either embellish a pre-made dress (thanks for helping me out so much Lisa!), or bring a dress that you have already made and decorate that. You can see how to make a dress here. There will be bits and pieces available, but if you have any ribbons, fabric scraps, beads etc hanging around at home then bring those along too!

What more could you want on a Tuesday night in December – you get to come to a place that looks as lovely as this:

And not only will you be sewing for a good cause, you can also drink cocktails with names like Mrs Pepper Pot and Ruby Shoes, and eat bar snacks served in tea cups! All in all how can you say no!

The evening starts from 6.30pm, and you can get directions from the Drink, Shop & Do website.

If you would like to reserve a table (especially if there is a group of you coming), then please can you let Drink, Shop & Do know by either calling on 020 7278 4335 or email mail@drinkshopdo.com.

Can’t wait to see you there!

To read more about the Dress a Girl Around the World charity that this night is in aid of, visit their website, or see the UK Facebook page.




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