Extreme Crochet-ing

That might be a slightly misleading title, but on Sunday I learnt how to crochet. I spent the whole day learning which is why it felt extreme!

The day was at the home of Penny Boylan. Among many other things, Penny is a crochet tutor at Morley College where I am studying. Penny also holds crochet days at home so I went along to see if I was any good.

I have always wanted a crocheted blanket, but have been reluctant to buy an already made one when I was sure I would be able to do it myself if only I knew how. This was my chance to find out!

I started off with chain stitch, which is the basis for almost every crochet pattern. It didn’t go so well at first!

With a few pointers of where I was going wrong I soon got there, and then progressed on to double crochet (dc) and treble crochet (tc).

For those that are completely in the dark about crochet, all the stitches are abbreviated in the patterns, hence me putting the letters in brackets above. Here is an example of a crochet pattern – yep, all looks a bit foreign to me too!

From my sampler of stitches I then moved on to my lifes ambition – making a granny square!! This is the pinnacle of what I have wanted to achieve, my life is now complete!

My first granny square!

While I may have been a little bit over-excited about my new found skill, it does mean that I can now make my own crochet blanket rather than buy one someone else has made. Result!

In order to make sure I didn’t forget what I had learnt, on Monday I went to I Knit on Lower Marsh Street and bought me the neccessary supplies.

I then found a suitable spot in the V&A Reading Rooms to begin my blanket. So far so good, until I realised I didn’t have any instructions with me. Oooops! Not to be put off, I dug in to the depths of my memory, and managed to muddle through a granny square off the top of my head. Four squares later there are still a few teething problems (crochet experts don’t look too closely) but I am happy with what I have done so far!

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4 thoughts on “Extreme Crochet-ing

  1. Hi Alison
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the crochet day on Sunday. What amazing progress from absolute novice to granny square badge holder in the space of 5 hours!

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