Geisha templates: good or bad?!

As I said in my last post about my Japanese fashion design project, the next stage is designing the actual garments. In order to do this I first composed a mood board to describe the colour palette, types of fabric, and overall feel I want for the collection.

The photo isn’t great, but hopefully you get the idea!

From what I have learnt in my fashion design lessons, and from doing some extra research the next stage in designing the collection is to create a fashion figure template to use when drawing your ideas. This saves time worrying about getting the figure right each time so that you can focus on the garments. You may remember my attempts at drawing fashion figures!

Here is a much better example of a template you could use.

Female Fashion Figure Croqui 049

Swing those hips!

Not to be discouraged by my previous drawing attempts, I came up with the idea that I would like my templates to have a Japanese feel to them. To do this I looked back through my research at some of the Japanese prints of geisha that I found, and traced what I thought their bodies must be doing under all their layers. I then used an old fashioned nibbed pen and indian ink to create the final templates. I can’t decide if they just look a bit odd, but will see if I can use them in my class tomorrow!

I think they may have a bit of a Mrs Hughes (Downton Abbey) and her big flat hat look about them, rather than being Japanese!

Downton Abbey S02E05

Also during my research I found these fashion illustrations from the early 1900s by Georges Lepape. I love them for their simplicity of line and blocks of colour. And would you believe, they’re influenced by the Japanese stencilling technique of pochoir! You can read a bit more about pochoir and its popularity in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century here.

I am definitely going to bear these in mind when doing my collection drawings.

Image Sources


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