For the Perfect Skirt Line, at the Height of Fashion

Have you ever found the perfect skirt or dress, only to realise the hem line is just that little bit too long?

Or have you ever been making a dress at home on your own, wishing there was someone else to help you mark the perfect hem length?

Then help is at hand – you need the Milwards Skirt Level!

This intriguing device came to me from my Nan on the same day she gave me the shirt that I recycled in to a top.

So how does it work? If you turn the box over there are very clear instructions to help you on your quest for the perfect hem line.

Opening the box this is what you find.

To me this looks more like something you find inside a toilet cistern, but undeterred I took it out of the box and gave it a try.

Firstly you check there is chalk in the black and white thing-a-ma-jig. Then stick it to a suitable surface at the desired hem line height, using the suction pad.

Next, you get up as close as you can to the nozzle, and squeeze!! As you squeeze you move yourself round, gradually marking a line of chalk on your skirt where the new hem line should be.

(Please excuse my very creased skirt - it was awfully early when we took these pictures and I wasn't about to crack out the iron!)

I need never have a wonky hem again!



4 thoughts on “For the Perfect Skirt Line, at the Height of Fashion

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