The Help

While on holiday back in June I read a book called The Help, about an American town in 1960s Mississippi. The book tells the story of black African-American maids who care for the children and clean the houses of white people, and also the perspective of a white girl who see’s that things need to change.

The Help was made in to a film, and released here in the UK in October – so off I went to go and see it. While the book delves a bit deeper in to the issues of the time, I did really enjoy the film. However, this is not a film review blog it is a sewing blog, so I am going to run away from the self-inflicted pressure I’m feeling to give a detailed account of the pro’s and con’s of the film, and show you some pretty pictures instead…

As well as the big, no HUGE, hairstyles, I wanted to show you some of the costumes as I thought they were amazing!

I really like the gathered neck and brooch on Aibileen's dress

If only I could pull off wearing glasses like that!

Aibileen's got pintuck's on her uniform - I know how to do them!

Blimey! If you can tear your eyes away from that hair, the scalloped detail on her dress is lovely!

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