Challenge Beating Pillowcase Dress Party #2: Haywards Heath, Sussex


On Saturday my Mum held Pillowcase Dress Party No. 2 down in Sussex where I grew up. The hard work of the Haywards Heath Methodist Church ladies has meant that we have SMASHED (Dave has been making me watch X Factor, can you tell? And yes, it is definitely him making me watch it, not the other way round) the target of 52 dresses. We’ve reached 52 dresses 48 days before the Christmas deadline!

The kind contributions from Saturday also mean that if I can make them all in time we will by far exceed the target! I’m so glad I travelled down to meet you all, and am very thankful for all the support / work / donations you all made.

As with Pillowcase Dress Party No.1 there was a table of wonderfull-ness. Everyone had dug around at home to see what trimmings and buttons they had which could be used on the dresses.

The ladies then set up a production line, with some cutting, pinning and ironing. Others attached the binding, and then Mum and I were on the sewing machines!

The most important job of the day!

Here are the amazing stats of the day:

18 Dresses completed. They can be seen in the Gallery, but I’m still waiting for photos of some of them.
32 Dresses half made
10 Pillowcases unused
18 people came along to help

That’s not the end of the success story either. In the afternoon Jennie Herring came along to say hello. Jennie and her husband run the Nyaboo Ghana Development Fund in Ghana, and they are making a trip out there next week. Jennie has taken nearly 50 of the dresses we have made, and will be distributing them when she gets out there!

Jennie with the dresses

I will tell you a bit more about what Jennie and Graham do when I have photos of the girls wearing the dresses, but in the meantime if you would like to find out more their website is (although I haven’t actually been able to make it work today). In a nutshell, they are working with the Nyaboo community to improve the local school, football team, sanitation and water supplies.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, and I think we can safely say it was a great success – thank you everyone! An extra special thank you to my Mum as well for organising the day.

I also think I am going to officially up the target to 100 dresses by Christmas! (If anyone wants to take any of the 40+ half made dresses I have off my hands between now and then – be my guest! I will happily pass some on to you if you leave a comment on this post – I am starting to dream about drowning in pillowcases :-))


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