Pillowcase Dress Party #1: Mindshare, London

Forget the Christmas party season, last night started Pillowcase Dress Party Season!

Dave works at Mindshare in London, and after he sent round an email about my challenge, some of the Mindshare girls were keen to have a dress making party. Sarah organised the people and the necessities:

And I had the oh-so-tough task of buying the bits and pieces and sparkly things for the dresses. I went nuts on Walthamstow Market!

Now let me set the scene. Mindshare have just moved to uber swanky new offices near Tottenham Court Road, and this is the view of the London skyline that we were faced with whilst sewing:

We had an amazing (if a little dark as no-one could work the lights!) space in which we set up three sewing machines and then tables at which people could cut out and sew at.

I gave a little intro to making the dresses, and then off everyone went to make their own.

Here are some snaps from throughout the night.

I wore my Clover trousers – regular readers will remember how much pain and anguish these trousers caused me, but after a week of no contact we were back on speaking terms and I made a few more alterations to make them fit better. Now I love them!

Mindshare have their own branded water bottles - how posh is that!

Those that didn’t want to use machines decorated dresses that I had already made. This is what we’ll be doing at the Drink, Shop & Do party on 6th December so come along and help out then if you’d like!

This dress was a joint effort as it was the one that Dave made, which then got decorated last night (after we explained that it would all be OK, and his dress wouldn’t be ruined).

Rather than put even more photos here, I have added all the completed dress photos to the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, with the picture of who made them as well.

I had an amzing night, and am so grateful for all the help and support the Mindshare girls gave me – especially as they’d never met me before! I brought home 10 new dresses, and a few more are just being finished off before they’re handed over.

That brings the new total of dresses to 40 – only 12 to go to complete the challenge! I am thinking I might have to up the challenge to 100 dresses by Christmas instead…

Thanks for a great evening girls x


11 thoughts on “Pillowcase Dress Party #1: Mindshare, London

  1. Looks like a top evening, shame I could not make it but think there is a break in filming so will try and make the Drink, Shop, Do night! Rupert, x

      • Are you sure, because last time I saw Rupert he could talk about nothing but pillowcase dresses. I think he felt it was a good way to express another side of his creativity and give a little back.

      • I can’t believe you’re encouraging this type of behaviour Lorna! AND, if you really know Rupert well enough to be discussing pillowcase dresses, it is quite rude that you haven’t introduced me to him – it sounds like we have lots in common, just as I always thought 🙂

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