Back to School – skirt pockets

Yesterday was back to school after half term, and back to my clothes making class.

Some of you may remember my last, rather frustrated, post about the skirt I am making in this class. Well it got lots better yesterday as I actually started making the skirt!

I began with the pockets. Here I have pinned the lining of the pockets to the right side of the front of the skirt.

After stitching this together, I learnt how to do a seam that makes a nice finish round the curve of the pocket. It means that I don’t have to top stitch. Annoyingly I didn’t write down what it was called, but it may just be a flat stitched seam?

After sewing the pieces together leaving the correct seam allowance, turn over to the right side, and place the fabric under the machine foot as close to the edge of the pocket lining as possible. Sew along here, using your fingers to keep the two pieces taught.

Turn back to the wrong side, and cut off the excess seam allowance close to the line of stitching you have just done.

Now the seam needs pressing. I am having a bit of trouble with my fabric as it marks really easily when using the iron (hopefully it won’t be too noticable when the skirt is finished), so to stop this from happening I steamed the seam rather than put any real weight from the iron on it.

A handy trick I was taught to keep the seam in place when pressing, was to pin each end of the seam to the ironing board.

 The seam I have created made the fabric then naturally roll over to create a nice finish.

Apologies for all the photos but I was really chuffed at how these pockets have turned out, so wanted to make sure I record how I did it properly! It is also taking me ages to write this post as Peggy keeps chasing the mouse cursor across the screen…

I then joined the second part of the pocket to the pocket lining by pining and straight stitching.

The excitement of the class didn’t stop there folks – I then used the overlocker! In past posts from this class I have shown a number of different seam finishes you can do on a domestic sewing machine. As we have the opportunity to use an overlocker in the classroom I thought I would use that on this skirt as it is what is used in industry. An overlocker looks quite an intimidating machine – especially this one which is a bit prehistoric.

It gives a great finish though, and once you’ve used it a couple of times its not so scary. The overlocker not only ‘locks’ the raw edge of the fabric with stitches, it also cuts away excess fabric as it goes.

Finished seams of pocket

Next on the skirt construction I joined the two sides together using a long basting stitch, so that I could check it would go over my hips before I finished the seams off properly. Not only did the skirt go over my hips, it went over my hips in jeans 🙂


Just a quick one, but I’ve got my first pillowcase dress party tonight at Dave’s work – I think over 20 people are coming, eeeeek! Wish me luck, and that we make lots of lovely dresses!


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