Amber’s Pillowcase Dress

On Friday last week I got to spend the day with nine year old Amber. Not only did we make this little fellow:

We also made two more pillowcase dresses. Today Amber is my guest blogger and is going to tell you how we did it.

At the start I chose 2 pillowcases and I gave the white one with the flowers to Alison and I got the brown one with the flowers on.

Then I got 2 quarter of a circle templates and I drew around them in a dark colour to make a mark.

Then I cut around the quarter circles and that made the armholes to put your arm through.

Even though you can put your arms through you can’t put your head through, so you cut the top off the pillowcase.

Then you need to fold over the top twice and pin together.

This is where the elastic needs to go.

Peggy got in the way a lot!

Then you need to sew up the folds that you’ve made.

Then you cut a 18cm piece of elastic and then you put a safety pin at one end and push and pull it through the channel you just sewed.

Now you need to get 86cm of binding and pin and sew it as your sleeves.

Ta Da! I like my finished dress a lot and I hope someone wears it that is 9 years old like me.

Thank you for a lovely blog post, and a lovely day Amber!


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