Trick or Treat?

A little while back I made a mask for a friend for Halloween. Ian wanted something along these lines.

He gave me a hessian sack and a very large and heavy zip, and off I went to be creative!

I’ve got some ‘step-by-step’ photos, which are more for comedy value than to be of any use…

Firstly, I needed to work out where the eyes and mouth needed to go. As I was home alone, I decided that the only way to do this was to use my own head. So on the sack went.

I'm smiling, can you tell?

It was only at this point that I realised photographing myself with a sack on my head was a slightly silly idea, but I kept going anyway and after about 10 tries I managed to get me in the frame AND in focus!

The next step was to pin on the zip in the right place for a mouth. Trickier than I had anticipated (wait till it gets to the eyeballs…).

Looking good!

Finally, I needed to mark where to cut the eye holes. No easy task when I couldn’t really see anything from where I was sitting. Putting one finger where my eye was, I gingerly moved in with a pin in the other hand to mark the location.

Photographing this proved even more problematic, so I randonly aimed the camera at my general face area, and eventually caught a rare sighting of a pin in this shot (you can just see the tip on the right-hand side).

With everything now marked, I took the mask off and set about sewing. I cut a slit for the zip and used my machine to attach that from the inside (only broke one needle, bonus). I then cut the eye holes and sewed round them with black embroidery thread.

Here is the finished mask.

And Ian in his full costume – scary eyeball!!



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