Betty’s Blouse

Last weekend I made a trip back down to Sussex for a friends 30th, and popped in to see my nan and grandad while I was there.

Since starting this blog and learning to sew, people seem to have been digging around in their cupboards and giving me all the things they don’t want anymore. This is definitely not a complaint, more an observation – I love getting all these things!

One of the things my nan gave me was a shirt she didn’t wear anymore.

At first glance, this is a shirt I would never wear – not only was it a good few sizes too big (not sure why as my nan is much smaller than me now 🙂 ), but it also had shoulder pads and just wasn’t very ‘me’.

The fabric however was nice, and only a few days before a friend had sent a link to a shirt refashioning tutorial on another blog. So guess what I did?

I unpicked the sleeves and collar, turned the shirt around, took it in at the sides, added a couple of new darts and a new neckline, and had a new top!


We’re over half way!

Aside from making Big-Dinner-Trousers and reversed shirt tops from my nan, I have also managed to make eight pillowcase dresses this week. I am keeping them plain from now on as I have three pillowcase dress parties coming up over the next few weeks where people will be able to make them as pretty as they like!

The grand total of dresses is now 28 – only 24 to go and I have a pile of nearly 20 pillowcases waiting for me in the spare room!

Pillowcase Dress 21

Pillowcase Dress 22

Pillowcase Dress 23

Pillowcase Dress 24

Pillowcase Dress 25

Pillowcase Dress 26

Pillowcase Dress 27

Pillowcase Dress 28

You can see these dresses and the others in the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, or have a look at my Pillowcase Dress Challenge page to find out how you can get involved!


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