Trying Trousers

In the grand scheme of things my week obviously hasn’t been too bad, but in sewing terms I have found in quite trying!

As it’s half term I had set myself all these tasks I wanted to complete as I had lots of free time. I was excited at all I was going to achieve, and how good it was going to be, and how much I would have to show for the week. As I’m sure you can guess, that’s not quite how it turned out!

I decided a while back to join my first sewalong with Colette Patterns and their Clover trousers. I managed to make a muslin (practice pair to work out alterations etc) pair a week or so ago, but against the very clear instructions I made them from calico, rather than a similar stretchy fabric to the final fabric I had. This wasn’t a deliberate ‘I know better’ decision, more a cost related one as I can’t really afford to buy two lots of good fabric.

So, I made the muslin, and then made the alterations to the pattern using the sewalong help, and what I’ve learnt in my pattern making class. So far so good – I was feeling pretty pleased with myself!

That was until I had spent another two days making the trousers out of the proper fabric, using all my carefully calculated alterations, broke two needles, one of which nearly went in my eye, didn’t have the right zipper foot so had to go and buy one, and ran out of cotton so had to make ANOTHER trip to John Lewis – only for them not to fit and actually be about two sizes too big!

A few tears were shed, and a few cross words were said (sorry Dave). I felt like the biggest sewing failure in the world!

I did however wear the too-big-trousers out for a yummy meal at Abeno Too. They don’t look so bad in the pictures, but the inside is a disaster and I can definitely make them fit better. By sitting down and standing in a particular way I have managed to make them look better than they are I think!

After a sleepless night trying to work out if it was best to just start all over again, I decided I would put the trousers aside for the rest of this week and tackle them again when I am a little less cross. Instead, I need to bear in mind the positives:

– I made a pair of trousers
– They don’t look that bad
– I learnt, successfully, how to install an invisible zip for the first time
– I made a pair of trousers
– I am still a beginner, and am only going to learn by trying things out
– I made a pair of trousers


12 thoughts on “Trying Trousers

  1. God Peggy, don’t sweat it – I’ve made a million gazillion things that aren’t perfect and are a mess on the inside and I shall continue to do so for a very long time. Really – they look great and YOU MADE A PAIR OF TROUSERS. Woo hoo!

  2. I think they look pretty darn good and the bonus is you can eat as much as you like out at dinner. They can be your big dinner trousers.

  3. You’re being WAY too hard on yourself. They look fabulous from here! Trousers are notoriously challenging and these trousers are not easy so as a beginner sewer I think you’ve achieved amazing things. I’ve only made one pair of trousers and they’re wide leg so I don’t even consider that a proper trouser make. You’ve also learnt how to adjust a pattern and you’re doing better than a lot of novice sewers by having the patience to make a muslin/toile in the first place. Yes, put them to one side and come back to them – you’ll feel more trouser love, I’m sure. It’s hard not to be hard on yourself when sewing lessons can be so challenging (and often tinged with a sense of failure) but, seriously – you’re doing amazing! I wish I looked like that in a pair of trousers!

    • Thanks Karen – I feel much better after yours and Joanne comments! I almost looked at the trousers fondly again earlier… and I forgot that I’d adjusted my first pattern as well.

      Tilly was telling me that you both went to Morely College for some sewing lessons a while back? That’s where I am at the moment!

      Oh, and I love your bombshell dress 🙂

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