Seam Finishes, and the mum’s make some dresses…

Having cut out my skirt fabric what seems months ago, I still didn’t get to start sewing it in my Clothes Making class last Monday. I have been assured I will be able to after half term though (tee hee, I’m on half term – it’s properly like being back at school!).

In the meantime, we were taught a couple more seam finishes, which admittedly will be useful, but are not nearly as exciting as starting to make the skirt I started making FIVE WEEKS AGO!!!! (People from college reading this – I promise I’m enjoying it, I’d just like to get going now 🙂 )

So, here are a few more seam finishing options which follow on from the couple I told you about last Monday. I will be using one of them when making my Clover trousers this week, so they have definitely been useful to learn.

For the first seam finish, place the left side of the machine foot next to the seam line.

Sew a straight line parallel to the seam. This line of stitching is called stay stitching, used to stabilise the fabric and stop it from stretching or distorting.

Next, sew a line of zig zag stitch along the raw edge of the fabric – the stitch should just fall over the side of the fabric. This catches the raw edge and stops it from fraying.

Ideally the stay stitching should be much closer to the zig zag stitching, but I made a little mistake with the positioning of my needle. Oopsie!

The second seam finish is even simpler, and is just the zig zag stitch along the raw edges.

I don’t think either of these look as nice as the first seam finish I was taught the week before, but these are less bulky so might be better to use in tight fitting garments.


32 TO GO

When I was growing up, I remember my mum making clothes and nighties for me and my sister, and it was from her that I started to learn to sew. My mum has been behind me and my pillowcase dress challenge from the start (as have all of you!), and I’m in danger of her making more dresses than me I think!

Last Saturday she met up with Dave’s mum, and these are the first four pillowcase dresses they made. There are plenty more to come as my mum has planned a whole day of dress making fun with her friends in a few weeks time!

Pillowcase Dress 17

Pillowcase Dress 18

Pillowcase Dress 19 - I love this one, and I'm sure I remember using it in a caravan once on holiday!

Pillowcase Dress 20. Apparently I tie died this pillowcase when I was at Brownies!

In case anyone is thinking I’m slacking and getting everyone else to make the dresses, I have been steadily prepping squillions of donated pillowcases, and they are all ready for me to sew up in half term!

You can see these dresses and the others in the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, or have a look at my Pillowcase Dress Challenge page to find out how you can get involved!


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