Pretty Pintucks

In my penultimate Decorative Techniques class last week we learnt a technique I had been looking forward to trying – pintucks.

Here are some great examples of pintucks in action:

You can buy a special pintuck foot for your sewing machine which I think is a lot quicker, but we were taught how to do it without.

First, draw evenly spaced parallel lines on to your fabric using a set square.

Then, fold the fabric along the first line and sew as close as possible to the fold edge.

Repeat that along all the lines you have drawn.

Then press the pin tucks in the direction you wish them to face.

And there are your finished pin tucks!

We also learnt a variety of hand embroidery techniques in the lesson, although these are really time consuming so I would have to REALLY want to use them to decide to apply them to a garment!

Before we started sewing, we created shapes / patterns to applique on using the different embroidery stitches.

The first I tried was chain stitch. Start by stitching through from the back of the fabric.

Then stitch back through from front to back, in almost the same place.

Pull that through so that you are left with a loop on the front of the fabric.

Repeat the process a few millimetres along, but ensure you come up inside the loop you have just created.

Pull through so that the loop becomes taught. This is your first chain. Repeat and repeat and repeat!

Next I tried blanket stitch. Again, sew from the back of the fabric through to the front.

Then sew from front to back, but at a 45 degree angle from your first stitch.

Pull the thread through, leaving a loop. Sew back through to the front, ensuring you are inside the loop. Pull the thread taught – this is your first blanket stitch! Repeat it all again.I also did some satin stitch and seeding combined on this star. They are both essentially different lengths of normal straight stitching, so I won’t go in to detail!

And this is cable stitching, again just two lines of straight stitching.

In writing this post, I have decided that ‘stitch’ and ‘stitching’ are two very odd words when you use them over and over. Much like the word ‘ugly’, try saying that over and over and over…!


Today I have two brilliant dresses to show you, which takes our total up to 16 dresses. Only 36 to go!

Dress 15 is the Peppa Pig dress made by the lovely Rehanon in Brighton.

Pillowcase Dress 15

And dress 16 is made by Constance from my Pattern Cutting course. Not only has Constance made the dress, she also screen printed the pattern on to the pillowcase, and made her own binding! Puts me to shame!

Pillowcase Dress 16

You can see these dresses and the others in the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, or have a look at my Pillowcase Dress Challenge page to find out how you can get involved!

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Pintucks

  1. I love the pin tucks demo. They’re so much easier than I imagined. And as it still looks a little tricky, you can only guess at how complicated I thought it was… Now, what can I use them on?

  2. Hurray! I am so pleased to see the tinpuck tutorial- thank you so much! I’ll be rooting thru my feet this evening (that sounds weird) to see if I have a pin tuck foot as well.

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