I finally did some good drawings!

Last week in my Fashion Design class we did some more drawings – and I could actually do them! And I’m going to bore you with them ALL because I’m quite pleased with myself after the miserable attempts I’ve been showing you recently 🙂

We were taught about technical drawings, or flats. Flats are used in garment production to communicate the specifications of the piece (shape, size, colour, fabrics, details and style lines). These details are used to create a pattern and construct the garment.

Here are some examples.

When drawing a flat you should follow some rules:

– Flats are drawn symmetrically
– Flats include all seam and construction detail
– Flats reflect real proportions (7.5 / 8 heads), unlike the elongated fashion figure

To create my technical drawings I used my coat, and one of my dresses.

To get the arms right I had to lay the coat out on the table after drawing the middle section.

This dress was awfully expensive, from a certain high street chain beginning with P and ending in Mark, but it’s one I probably get the most compliments for!


News of my challenge has reached across the water, and Annie who now lives in the US has made a lovely pillowcase dress!

Instead of using a pillowcase, Annie followed the simple tutorial from LBG Studio to make her dress from fabric. You can read all about it on her blog Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows. Thanks Annie!

And thanks to Tilly and the Buttons for her blog post on my Drink, Shop & Do event on 6th December!

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7 thoughts on “I finally did some good drawings!

  1. oooo, thank you for mentioning me, how lovely. Your drawings are amazing, my drawings are mostly stick figures. I am loving the pillowcase dresses and will make more soon. Thanks for introducing me to them and the charity. – Annie

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