Birthday Sorbetto

Regular readers will know that I have made quite a lot of pillowcase dresses recently for my challenge. To ensure that I don’t become a one-trick pony, I decided to make my friend Vyki a Sorbetto top for her birthday. This means that I am a two-trick pony because they are the only things I have made since starting this blog!

Anyway, here it is:

Vyki's sorbetto top

I can already see how much I’ve learnt since I made my first Sorbetto top – I think I got the sizing much better this time (measuring Vyki’s bust in the middle of a busy park at lunchtime definitely helped, although caused her a great deal of embarrassment!). I was also able to finish off the seams much more professionally by using what I learnt in my last Clothes Making class.

My first ‘professional’ seam

And here is Vyki in her new top. I am assuming that as she wore it to work the day after I gave it to her, it is a success!


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