Reverse Applique & Couching

Another couple of decorative techniques to show you today from my Decorative Techniques class!

The first is reverse applique. You may remember me telling you about applique in a previous post. Rather than sewing a layer of fabric on to another as in applique, reverse applique involves removing fabric to expose the layer underneath.

You start by layering two (it can be more) pieces of fabric on top of each other. Here I have used blue silk and a patterned viscose.

Transfer your pattern to the right side of the fabric with tailors chalk, then tack this pattern on to the fabric using running stitch.

Using an embroidery stitch on the machine, sew along the tacking. I used a zig zag stitch.

Remove the tacking, and then cut close to the inside of the machine stitching.This then reveals the fabric underneath – just like magic (well, that’s how I felt when I first did it anyway!).

Now on to couching. I didn’t really like what I ended up doing, so am showing you the one my tutor did instead!

Couching uses a thick cord or thread, which is laid on top of a fabric in the desired pattern. This cord is then fixed down by using thread to stitch over the width of the cord. I think you can just about see the thread in this photo.

So we are now all able to do trapunto!, Italian quilting, applique, reverse applique and couching!


43 TO GO

Here are the first dresses made by someone other than me! Hollie from my Pattern Cutting class kindly made the two below, and there’s another one on the way – thanks Hollie!

Pillowcase Dress 8

Pillowcase Dress 9

You can see these dresses and the others in the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, or have a look at my Pillowcase Dress Challenge page to find out how you can get involved!


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