Big was best?! And ‘win-win’ dresses

The trouble with my pillowcase dress challenge is that I now have a perfectly legitimate reason to roam the charity shops as much as I want – I need pillowcases! However, this also obviously opens me up to all sorts of dangers. Which is what happened at the weekend.

I went down to Tunbridge Wells to see some old friends, and whilst on the hunt for pillowcases I came across a 1980’s treasure of a dress.

Check out the shoulder pads on this one!

Remind you of anything?

shoulderpadsNow, I can hear the cries of ‘Not another dress?!’ from you all, as well as ‘What were you thinking?!’

I might just be able to get away with this one, as I didn’t buy it to wear as a dress. And I definitely didn’t buy it for the shoulder pads, although Jason would be proud!

Instead I bought it to turn in to a top, as I really like the sequin and bead pattern on it and the scalloped edging. You can’t beat a bit of sparkle!

To make it in to a top, I first removed those MASSIVE shoulder pads.

Check out these bad boys!!

Then I turned it inside out and cut off the skirt. Luckily there was already a seam where the skirt joined the top, so I snipped close to that and I don’t think any sewing will be required.

Without the shoulder pads in, the top didn’t sit on my shoulders in quite the right place so I stitched the tops of them a bit nearer the neckline (not sure that makes sense, but can’t think how else to describe it, sorry!). And here is the finished piece:

Much better I think!


My latest dresses are double-bonus-winning charity dresses, the pillowcases are from charity shops, and the dresses are now going to another good cause! ‘Win win’ one might say, if one said things like that…. 🙂

Dress 5: I think this is my favourite so far

Dress 6

You can see these dresses and the others in the Pillowcase Dress Gallery, or have a look at my Pillowcase Dress Challenge page to find out how you can get involved!

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