It’s all about the (mini) pencil skirt

According to my fashion sources, the pencil skirt is this seasons must-have.

Which is great as we have been creating slim skirt patterns in my Pattern Cutting classes! I am so On Trend.

Last week I explained how we created our blocks, and from these blocks we can create different skirt patterns. So that is what we did!

The block (yellow template in picture below) is made to half scale. Placing it on the pattern paper, we drew round it. Using the notch marks on the block we transferred all the information such as dart points, dart folding points and hip lines.

By folding the dart you can see where to put the correct cutting line on the pattern.

After adding a 0.5cm seam allowance and a 2cm hem allowance, we cut the pattern out and remarked all of the important information with the pattern notcher.

Repeating this for the back and waistband of the skirt, we had a complete pattern! Using this pattern I then cut it out of fabric to create a toile, this is used to check a pattern is correct or if any changes need to be made.

A few quick stitches later I had created the cutest toile I ever saw (although it should be said here that I have never actually seen one before). Because the block was half scale, the toile was mini-sized as well. I debated putting it on Peggy to show you, but thought that might border on animal cruelty…

Dart detail, and waistband overlap for fastening


Have you ever wondered what 20 metres of elastic looks like? No, me neither. But in case you are now wondering what 20 metres of elastic does look like, here is a picture:

My first package of supplies arrived from Sewbox yesterday! Thank you!

I have also made dress number 2:

While I wait for my next little package from Sewbox, I am raiding my sewing stores for things to use instead. Here I have used ribbon instead of bias binding for the shoulder ties, and found the cute little buttons hiding in a box of beads!

Find out more about my Pillowcase Dress Challenge, or have a look at the dresses made so far in the Gallery!


4 thoughts on “It’s all about the (mini) pencil skirt

  1. I am so loving following your sewing, I look forward to looking at your latest post everyday. Very inspiring. Might find a course or start having a go myself soon. One question though, why is it that you make things at half size? Am intrigued, how would you know things were wrong unless you had a little niece standing by to try it on?X

    • Hello, so glad you’re enjoying the blog! Maybe you could try a pillowcase dress as your first project?!

      We’re working half scale because there is limited space & resources at college I think! At the moment its more about learning the theory, but if we were do do a ‘real-life’ skirt then you would have to do it full scale like you say. Will try and do one over the next few weeks!

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