Applique, Italian Quilting & my first Pillowcase Dress!

Last Friday I went on another Adventure in Decorative Techniques, and learnt applique and Italian quilting. Neither of these quite lend themselves to an exclamation mark like trapunto!, but I enjoyed them none-the-less!

This is the mood board I have created that I couldn’t show you in last weeks post.

So before starting with Italian quilting I created a design from my mood board, drawing it on to tracing paper. Italian quilting is done using two layers of fabric, in this case the orange silk and white muslin as the backing.

I then pinned my design to the front of the silk and sewed over it with the machine.

For each line you need to create a channel. You then remove the tracing paper and thread cord or wool in to these channels to create a raised effect.

Muslin is recommended as it is so loosely woven and is therefore easier to thread the wool through at any point. However, when I used it the wool was far more raised on the back, so I might try using a thicker fabric like calico next time.

So that’s Italian quilting. Easy!

On to applique. Applique involves sewing shaped pieces of fabric on to another piece of fabric to create designs and patterns. This is how I did it.

Firstly I ironed bondaweb on to the back of the fabric I wanted to use.

I then drew my shapes on to the back of the fabric and cut them out. Once you pull the backing paper of the bondaweb off, this puts a sticky layer on to the back of the fabric to keep it in place.

After ironing the shape on to my background fabric, I used a decorative stitch on the machine to fix it there.

Et Voila!

I wanted to show you some good examples of applique in action, but after doing a quick google search I’m not sure I’m able to! This was my particular favourite! What has he seen in the distance I wonder?


I have made dress number 1 – yay!!

So that you can see I have made a little bit of progress, here is my first dress:

I have also created a Pillowcase Dress gallery page, where you will be able to see all of the dresses that are made so keep checking back to see how I’m getting on!




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