Turning Japanese

It’s time for some more comedy drawings!!

In the Fashion Design lesson last Thursday we started to build on the matchstick men we did the week before. Like so:

And here are my attempts.

Still a bit of progress needed, but hopefully practice will make perfect!

We also started research for our main project, which will then inspire the designs for our capsule collection of clothes.

I have been given the topic ‘Japan: Geisha or Kimono’. Having been to Japan I’m really excited about this project and think there’s lots of scope for ideas.

Here are some of the things I have found so far to use for inspiration.

‘Kosode with Plum Tree and Flowering Plants’, Sakai Hoitsu, Edo period – early 19th Century
‘The Courtesan Itsutomi holding a plectrum’, Chobunsai Eishi, 1800s

Not really this one! Dave bought me this toy when we were in Japan – that was over two years ago and the peas still make me laugh 🙂


  • Japanese Colour Prints, Jack Hillier – Phaidon
  • Kimono as Art: The landscapes of Itchiku Kubota, Dale Carolyn Gluckman and Hollis Goodall – Thames & Hudson

8 thoughts on “Turning Japanese

  1. alison think these are brilliant! i look forward to chosing one of you designs but might miss out on the toy!! thank u so much for yesturday had such a good time with you linda and dave just about to look at our picks and r will post them on here somewhere!!! lots of love to you bothxx

  2. What a great theme to have too and you will get to play with some lovely material. Plus the kimono style top is very in this year.

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