Another Little ‘Accident’

Last week I found myself in Balham (I was meant to be there, so it wasn’t a complete surprise), outside a charity shop. In situations like these I find I am unable to do anything but to go in to the charity shop, just in case that hidden gem is just waiting for me.

And guess what was there? Yep, a little gem! Say hello to dress number 52!

The dress is handmade, and I love the colours and the feel of the fabric. I am going to take a guess that it is cotton, but quite heavy cotton. Not only have I generously donated to charity, I also own a dress that is great when the weather is hot, but would also work equally well with boots and a cardigan I think when it gets a bit chillier.

Not bad for a fiver!


8 thoughts on “Another Little ‘Accident’

  1. I wonder what therapy there is for dress addicts? I also wonder what it must be like to have adequate wardrobe space! Ooops indeed…@PeggysPickles

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