Vintage find of the century (might be a little exaggeration, but am quite excited!)

On a day that started just like any other Sunday – a bit of tidying, Dave (my husband, for those that don’t know yet!) and Peggy making the bed…

…who knew what excitement was going to unfold!

Dave and I decided to venture from downtown Walthamstow up to Walthamstow Village to check out The Stow’s Vintage Lifestyle Fair, organised by the lovely Auntie Maureen. Having lived in Walthamstow for nearly 10 months now, I have been meaning to go and see Auntie Maureen for well, 10 months really. Today was finally the day!

We knew we were heading in the right direction...

With the thermometer in my garden reaching a typical October temperature of 33 degrees (!), I was thinking about finding vintage summer dresses and eating ice creams on the beach. Admittedly that last one would be a bit tricky in Walthamstow.

As promised, on arrival we were met with “…cosy gent’s knit wear and scarfs, ladies frocks and other fashionable fancies, 20th century collectibles, retro interior and design objects, affordable antiques in abundance.” Right up my street!

Miss Honey Bare from Heyday Honey

Miss Honey Bare from Heyday Honey was on hand to cater for all your retro hair and make-up needs, and I saw this beautiful fabric on the Dish & Spoon Vintage stand:

I LOVED this elegant cat on Yvonne Overton’s stall, and really wish I’d bought her. Not sure how she would have got on with Peggy though!

Now on to the star attraction! After finding a jumper that I thought was ‘different’, but according to Dave made me look like a sack, I was feeling somewhat despondent about finding anything nice. However, hiding in the rails was this!

The fabric caught my eye first, and then as I took it from the rail I realised it was something I had always wanted – a 1950s coat! I am guessing this is 1950s as it looks very similar to these 1950s patterns:

Unlike the cinched in waists of 1950s dresses, coats from that era were more straight up and down. These patterns show large pockets, shorter sleeves, and some have large collars – all of which my coat has!

This is the label in the coat:

And after a little bit of desk based research, it seems I have bought a coat from the dress maker to the Queen!

Hardy Amies opened his store at 14 Savile Row, London, in 1945. The following year Amies established his own couture fashion house. Hardy Amies became known for its classic, tailored clothes for men and women, and now has pieces in the V&A collection. How nice is this?!!

I also found this 1960s Hardy Amies coat for sale at Vintage Seekers, for £580!

I wonder how much mine might be worth?!

Now all I need is for it to stop being so blooming hot :)!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage find of the century (might be a little exaggeration, but am quite excited!)

  1. Hardy Amies – wow! – you don’t get much more destingushed that that. Just by looking at it you can tell it’s a quality coat – it is cut so well and is so flattering. And I’m sure it must be cold enough to wear it today…

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