Straight skirt pattern

Thursdays bring my Pattern Cutting class, and last week we produced half scale patterns (or blocks as they’re known in the trade!) for a slim straight skirt – much like the one I made after my first week.

As I didn’t take pictures as I went along last week, I think it would be a bit tricky to try and explain what I did. So here are the finished pieces!

Everything is measured to a size 12, and then reduced down to half the size for this exercise.

Across the top of the photo is the waistband, with the centre fold, side seams and centre backs marked to make it easy to match it up to the right places on the skirt pieces. There is also an allowance on the left end for some kind of fixing, maybe a button or a hook and eye.

The piece on the left is the front of the skirt with one dart, and the piece on the left is the back of the skirt with two darts.

When creating the block I used a few different pieces of equipment. Firstly the Pattern Master (I hear an American film voice over in my head whenever I say that, don’t know about you?!).

The Pattern Master allows you to create perfect right angles, which are essential when creating a pattern. It is easier and more effective to use than a ruler, although a set square would also do the job just as well as a Pattern Master.

After you have drawn and cut out your block, you mark certain information so that it can then be transferred on to your fabric. To do this you use a pattern notcher, and an awl.

The pattern notcher marks things like the ends of dart legs as shown here.

The awl creates a small hole for things like the point of a dart, as you can see here by the number 18.

I’m not sure what today’s class is going to bring, but I will be sure to let you know!


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