Matchstick Men

Good Morning! I’m feeling very summery today with the sun shining AGAIN, and I’m wearing my new Sorbetto Top!

Wednesdays are my Fashion Design class, and it seems these might be the most entertaining blog posts as it involves showing you my attempts at drawing!

Last week we started to understand how to draw the fashion figure. Now, the fashion figure I’m sure you can guess has little resemblance to a ‘normal’ figure. She has impossibly long limbs, is incredibly confident, and stunning. This was my first attempt at creating this vision of beauty:

Pretty spot on I think you’ll agree – I am particularly fond of her body builder shoulders!

To be able to draw using the correct proportions we were taught the basic shapes that make up the body, and where to place them using the numbered grid you can see. We were also given the diagram below to help understand the sizes of body parts in relation to each other. From a practical exercise I undertook when I got home last Wednesday, I’m pretty sure my foot is not the same size as my head.

As we kept practicing our drawings and tried out different poses, I do think mine improved slightly – this was the last one I did:

In tonight’s lesson we learn how to flesh out the figure to look something like these two stunners:

We are also being encouraged to find our ‘own personal drawing style’. I took this book out of the library to try and practice my drawing at home, but having looked through it I was far more interested in some of the clothes!

First published in 1970, I love the retro designs and it would be great to use them as inspiration later down the line.


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